Stop Looking for an HOV lane for process, Grow Through It, We MUST!

Somewhere in the fantasy lands of Trials No More and Too Blessed To Be Stressed, many have lost their way. Lady V, what do you mean, I haven’t lost my way? I am glad you asked.  

Have you ever noticed that many people have become poor “waiters”?  Just examine the facial expressions and body language of those stuck in traffic, or the security screening line at the airport or better yet that amazing new restaurant that just opened has a forty-five minute wait.

Why don’t we wait well? Why do we expect “instant results” ?

For those who are reading this giving the side eye of disagreement, please consider this:

  • We eat poorly and refuse to exercise and then rush to get several body wraps and liquid cleansers just before we head on vacation so we can look cute!  (We declined to invest the gym time beforehand)
  • We start a new job, rush through training and request a pay increase before we demonstrate our valuable impact to the organization! How does that work exactly?
  • We may have relationship challenges but choose to keep a mask on and act as if it will fix itself overnight or at least for important functions so we can look good.   (There is NO relationship that does not take work) Professional and Personal alike!
  • We heard it’s the best time to buy a home but didn’t maintain credit discipline, so instead of doing the administrative legwork it takes to clean up our credit, we seek out a credit repair firm and pay them a fee for doing the same administrative legwork. We must be willing to “grow through the process”. (Refusing to grow through means repeat lessons)
  • We may be searching for a new opportunity but choose to invest time and resources into “perceived” HOV Lanes and then have the audacity to be cheap when we are asked to “pay for the help we need from the proven resources”  (Why expect that professional to help you for FREE?  Growth takes OUR investment of time, talent and treasures)   

There is this misconception that there is a quicker way to get to where we are going.  Revelation time!

  • We must learn to embrace the process as we WAIT and GROW through.
  • Recognize the difference between quick and efficient.  (There is a difference between get there fast and get there effectively with impact)
  • Prayer is absolutely a great action item with the understanding that it does not negate the process! 
  • Process is not comfortable, engaging or instant! We may experience all the emotions that our heart can create which is to be expected.  Just monitor when, where and how you allow those emotions to manifest. Hint: Employers and Social Media should NOT make your list!
  • We must do the work! It is unrealistic to expect to grow otherwise. Ask any successful person and one of the first things you will hear is “I, We, This did not get here overnight”.
  • Enjoy the “now” on your way to “later”. After all, why not gain all the insight and wisdom that you can on this journey?

Remember, Greatness awaits us ALL!

Lady “V” aka Vaughnchette Rudisill

7 thoughts on “Stop Looking for an HOV lane for process, Grow Through It, We MUST!”

  1. ???wow what profound words while waiting on a promise. Don’t abort the process. It truly take time. Well spoken Lady V

  2. By December 16, 2011 – 6:54 amThe option to “Post them to the group” is missing – only &##do0;m22erate&88221; and “reject” are available options. Any idea why the change or how to get that option back?

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