Five Keys to Success from the show Undercover Boss

“Five Keys to Success from the show “Undercover Boss”

My husband affectionately known as “The Bear” absolutely loves this show called Undercover Boss. If this show is on and sports isn’t this is what the household is watching. I rarely watch the show for two reasons:

Reason One: I kick into entrepreneur mode and immediately begin to think about branding, consistency and growing pain solutions for the clients I serve.

Reason Two: I always cry at the end when the CEO’s reveal themselves and bless the people who have made the most impact. I am such a mush when it comes to seeing others have some of their financial burdens relieved and resources granted to help bring their dreams to reality. I absolutely smile the biggest when I see others get blessed!

Yesterday’s episodes were chock full of knowledge and tips to increase brand strength and consistency. So let’s delve right in with my top five takeaways!

  1. Lesson One: No business owner intentionally loses sight of the people that make their brand great. Ensuring that your internal teams are well taken care of will be keys to growth and longevity. Yes, be cost conscious and customer focused but not at the expense of your internal talent. Treat them well, Train them often and compensate them fairly for they are impacting your legacy for decades to come!
  2. Lesson Two: Never allow yourself to become so removed from your daily operations that you have no idea what is happening across all of your locations or client sites. If you are not able to physically make all of your site visits, appoint leaders who both believe in and commit to carry your vision all the way through no matter what. This is not the “lip-service” person, this is the person you have observed modeling your brand at all times especially during the tough times. These are the people who stand with you whether you have $100k in the bank or $10.00 in the bank. Choose wisely.
  3. Lesson Three: Have an action based open-door policy. Many CEO’s boast that they have an open-door policy in which they allow their employees to come to them and share their concerns or ideas. However, failing to act upon feedback received hurts your brand and revenue more than you may realize! Listen, Follow Through and Follow Up across your locations to ensure that the good idea did not become a nightmare right under your nose! Don’t be afraid to go back and revisit the suggestion.
  4. Lesson Four: You don’t need to have all the answers but you do need to invest in the resources to obtain those answers. Consider forming some think- tanks within your organization that can help identify the growth opportunities and the hazards that you may not be aware are around the bend. Be open, this will not be comfortable!
  5. Lesson Five: Say “THANK YOU”and  Show your “GRATITUDE” to both your internal and external customers. Everyone has a choice as to how they spend their time, money and energy. If you take either group for granted, You, Your Company and Brand ALL LOSE!

Lady “V” Vaughnchette Rudisill

President and CEO of Epiphany Consulting LLC.

19 thoughts on “Five Keys to Success from the show Undercover Boss”

  1. These are great tips! Having worked in retail general management for many years your tips were vital to succefukky managing and maintaining a multi-million dollar business. Owners and key decision makers have to be present and active in their businesses!

  2. First if all, I am a fan of undercover boss and occassionly get to watch it.
    Love your view on taking care of your team of people that represent your brand. So important!!

    I appreciate the wisdom that you offer us business owners.

    Great post!
    Chris Roebuck

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