Keys to Unlocking the Power of Gratitude in your life

When life appears to be happening to you and around you, it can be very tempting to visit “Complaintville” and buy property.  What is not working?  Lack of resources?  Lack of direction?  Frustration in waiting and the list grows with every passing moment.  There is a natural tendency to forget the blessings of our present moment.  How do we tap into our present moments and remain grateful no matter the trials and tribulations?

  • The person in the mirror that stares back at you each day has untapped strength, courage and potential. Appreciate the person you are and the person you are yet becoming. #BothMatter
  • Realize that while challenges may be overwhelming, we often grow the most during trials. #EmbraceThem
  • Appreciate your blessings as oppose to complaining about them. Think about what your life would be like without them. What is taken for granted is often lost or re-gifted.  #Be Careful
  • Journal your story. You would be surprised how much your disposition changes when you write. #StressRelief
  • Find something to laugh about each day. For example, did you see the video of the mom who bought her very own Star Wars Chewbacca mask? Here is the link: 

Gratitude is not rocket science yet it can be the fuel to help you stand firm no matter what the trial.  Gratitude forces us to remember our blessings both internally and externally.  Gratitude is a confidence boost and forces us to trust the process no matter the time it may be taking.  Gratitude requires us to appreciate our loved ones.  Gratitude ensures we do not take time for granted in our homes, jobs, and businesses.  These are very simplistic yet key elements to unlocking the power of gratitude in your life.

Vaughnchette Rudisill aka Lady V



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