12 Ways to Respect the Queen Within

Have you noticed the shift in how some ladies have begun to treat themselves and allow themselves to be treated? The new normal has moved from “Way to go Queen” to “Who does she think she is? It has shifted from the ability to give sincere compliments to snide remarks like “you look alright butttttt……here is what you can do to pull that in, tighten that up, plump that out.”  How did we get to the place where positivity is annoying and negativity is more accepted?

There has been a shift in the universe from loving self to what hoop must we jump through to receive love or acceptance. Did the shift come as a result of the perfect storm of social media envy for likes and followers? Yours truly will be sharing some tips to get your Queen status on “with.

We must all be more intentional about governing our own thoughts and behaviors to respect the Queen within. Subsequently by practicing these techniques within it cannot help but to manifest outwardly.   Queen is defined according to Merriam-Webster as the most privileged piece of each color in a set of chessmen having the power to move in any direction across any number of unoccupied squares. She is the most powerful piece on the Chess Board.

Chess,the game of intellect! 

Journey with me to uncover twelve ways to respect your Inner Queen!

  1. The way in which you speak to yourself about yourself must be that of uplift, gratitude and love for who you are.
  2. Establish clear boundaries as to what you will and will not accept in your life. Note: If it bothers you or harms your heart, don’t accept it in public or private.
  3. Refuse to compare yourself or your journey to anyone else’s. We are born original masterpieces for a reason, our purposes may seem parallel to others but you are the only one who can do what you do, how you do it.
  4. We all have things that we wish were different, don’t allow it to hold you hostage from living your best life right now. Note: If you would rather sit it out, than get in the game, you are officially in bondage.
  5. Govern your relationships accordingly, don’t allow sneaky or snide behaviors to enter your courts unchecked.  Queens’s rule of thumb: If you would not want your mother or daughter to endure it, there is your clue to stop it! 
  6.  Your upbringing does not determine your future, refuse to allow that to be an excuse for why you don’t treat you well.          
  7. Take the time to define what “treating yourself well” looks like for you. Not the “social media” look but in the privacy of your own chambers.
  8. Conduct quarterly reviews of your life and establish actionable items to move you forward in spite of the setbacks.
  9. When it goes wrong, allow yourself to express and feel all the emotions that come with that trial or grief. Note: Identify some safe zones that allow you the privacy and discretion to kick your crown around the room if necessary and then readjust it on your head and face the world once more!
  10. Queens seek wise counsel! Ask God for strong accountability partners and then embrace the stretching that comes as a result of not being able to just go through life uncheckedSomeone has to check the Queen or she can morph into a destruction beast in both words and actions!
  11. Queens are good to one another, competition has no space, and Queens win and push others to win also!
  12. Queens invest in being whole and complete within before they join with a King so they are able to withstand the arrows that come when the two wholes become one! Note: If you still need affirmation from others to feel great about you, there is a good chance you may not yet be whole, take the time to solidify your own foundation first and the journey will be that much sweeter.

Respecting the Queen within allows greatness to be unleashed in your life! 

Lady V,

Vaughnchette Rudisill




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