Job and Relationship Security Isn’t REAL, So what is?

Lady V, what are you talking about job security isn’t real? In our world, job security has often been seen as working with the same employer for twenty years or more or securing the famous government job because “Uncle Sam always has work” until there is a government shutdown that is. As someone who has worked in the staffing industry for nearly twenty years I have seen more than my fair share of ill-prepared shifts with this thought process. What makes it flawed? Nothing in this life is forever, tomorrow isn’t promised and all we truly have are our right now moments. That goes for business and relationships alike, waiting until days, weeks, months, years to pass to provide value is a detriment to our future.

 Some years ago I worked for a firm that laid off most of their staff who had been with the organization for over twenty years! I was responsible for carrying out that dirty deed and it crushed my heart because I knew many of those employees planned to retire, secure a nice package and ride off into the sunset never to worry about financial resources. Guess what? The organization shifted their business model and in turn it shifted over ten other households in the blink of an eye including my own. All of a sudden, the question had to be asked…..What am I going to do. Where will I begin looking or can I start my own business? Are my skills transferable? Do I have the second wind to sell myself and be a great asset to another company? Do I even want to keep working on this relationship platonic or otherwise?

Here are three factors I learned from that experience and keep close in mind to this day. These drive me in both my business and personal life even when its gets rough:

  1. Every day there must be deliberate gratitude. Practicing gratitude keeps it all in perspective and helps everyone to avoid taking blessings of the moment for granted. It is also a great stress reliever!
  1. No day can pass without demonstrating your worth and value to that organization or relationship. Earlier, I mentioned that relationship security isn’t real either? That’s because comfort-ability is lazy and it breeds complacency which can lead to surprise exits! If you do not maintain it well, someone else is praying for what you have become comfortable with!
  1. Time served doesn’t mean you/it was a good investment or that you don’t have to sacrifice anymore; no time served means we challenge ourselves to get more creative in bringing value to the years invested. Never rest on “I have been doing this or been with them for “X” number of years and they should just know” Absolutely not! The daily moment by moment actions are what count!

What is secure? Faith, Works and Results.

Greatness takes work!

Lady “V”, Vaughnchette Rudisill

4 thoughts on “Job and Relationship Security Isn’t REAL, So what is?”

  1. Point #2 resonates with me. I plan / pursue (project wise) 12-18 months sprints. I’ve found that duration to provide me with the direction needed to take action and the rapidness to switch if things are not unfolding as planned.

    1. I love that Torin! We indeed have to put some time in to allow things to unfold and see what the end will be. Thanks for your comment!

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