The Various Demons That Will STUNT YOUR GROWTH IN 2017

The Various Demons That Will “Stunt” Your Growth

Welcome to 2017! We are but five days into the New Year and many are diligently working to keep resolutions while others have proclaimed this to be “their” year in which everything changes for the better. You know what we don’t discuss openly or even acknowledge? The demons that can hinder great things from unfolding in our lives. You read that correctly, demons. Demons according to Webster are defined as evil spirits; harm, distress or ruin. Meditate on those words for a moment and let’s focus on harm, distress and ruin. 2017 will not be greater than 2016 or any other year if we do not begin to recognize the snares and traps that we unknowingly allow loose in our lives and can unleash in the lives of others. While there are many, below are five demons that can absolute wreck your life left unchecked!

  1. Judgement/Pride: This is the “I am better than X, because at least I don’t do Y, spirit. The danger is that we often forget, excuse and forgive our own junk while the next person is doomed. So we harm others with our words and actions. #GraceAndMercy
  1. Jealousy: This is a tricky because it can begin like admiration and then before long it morphs into resentment of who another person is in relationship with, what they are driving, where they live, earn or achieve. If the time is taken long enough to observe, the amount of work is the same if we but only focus on our own journey. #YourTimeIsComingIFyouPutTheWorkIn
  1. Coveting/Lusting: Their mate or job or church is the bomb! They have a great shape and wonderful conversation. Their ministry, career or business is booming! Then visions and conversations begin to happen and words “slide” out all under the cloak of dialogue because you can surely do much better right? You would be a better mate or a better ministry partner or do that job ten times better…so you think. You may even tell yourself “They would never have to deal with X, or they always do Y so I could do Z.” to justify how far you have fallen down the rabbit hole. If you would only slow down enough, you would see that no relationship or organization is without its thorns no matter how pristine they seem from the outside. It does not matter how close you believe you are to peek inside, everything has thorns. #ThornsAreEverywhere
  1. Comparison: Ooooo they are single, or Oooooo they are married. Oooooo they travel all the time and I don’t. Something has to give! Ugh! They got a new house and now you look around and your home is all of sudden is too small. She cooks for her mate every day and now you have an issue with your mate who never cooks and isn’t planning on starting today. Ask yourself had you not “compared” would you still feel the same? Keep in mind you have no idea what it takes to be with that other person or enjoy what they enjoy and they aren’t going to show you at the comparison stage. #StayFocused
  1. Impatience: It may seem like success is moving soooooo much faster for someone else! Wow they made $5,000 dollars in thirty days, I want to do that! What impatience never shows you is the process isn’t instant for anyone, the work and time investment isn’t instant nor is the sacrifice. Most wealthy people I know have shared the years of denying themselves the spending pleasures, diligence and good wealth planning it required to become wealthy. Instant isn’t a word I ever recall hearing. #WorkTheProcess

Now that you know some of the hindrances, how do you move forward in 2017 knowing that there are plenty of traps all around you? 

  1. Dial down the external noise and deal with YOU. External noise can be family, friends and media. #FullTimeJob
  1. Hold yourself accountable when you know a spirit is loose in your life, identify it and how you got there and get free. #FaithWorks
  1. Create an action plan as to what your own path to success should look like. #UniqueISOkay
  1. Execute on that action plan, revisit it often and stay focused on your own journey. #ResultsWillCome
  1. Celebrate all the wins and the lessons. #TheyBothMatter


5 thoughts on “The Various Demons That Will STUNT YOUR GROWTH IN 2017”

  1. Transparency will lead to deliverance of many. To whom much is given and much is required. Trust The Process! Great job my Queen I’m blessed beyond measure. I thank God for my Blessing.

  2. Wow! What courage to discuss real talk. All of the demons discussed can be very subtle. The coveting compliments that soon leads to comparisons. Very dangerous; thank you for stressing “the process”. Some people might think they want the relationship, the car, home or vacations that someone else has, but they just may not want to pay the same price. “Thanks Lady V”

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