How to Handle the Unknown, Unexpected and Disappointments of Life

“Vulnerability is my MAGIC” is something I recently said in a meeting. Those in the room simply nodded and said okay but I knew they had no idea what I meant by that and why it was considered magic. We are living in a world that almost “shames” people into always portraying themselves as strong and overcoming adversity. Everyone wants a motivational quote and to see trials be over quickly and with minimal damage. As I take in the destruction and aftermath of Hurricane Harvey I am perfectly okay with owning that it is not okay.

 My husband and I relocated to Houston a short five months ago and have been blessed to stay with some amazing friends while we get our footing in our new city. We arrived with a light load of personal belongings and unwavering optimism that we had stepped into our new normal and it would be ridiculously awesome! My career was headed in the forward direction and we found our place of worship rather quickly. All things are looking up! It won’t be long now!

 Looking up until….several scenarios happened that caused me to pause and say “Wait, wait wait…Am I Jonah?? Did I go the opposite direction from where I was supposed to go? Did I miss the memo Lord? Which way to Nineveh? You know there is a nicer way to let me know this isn’t what you had in mind for me. I mean folks you name it, I was wallowing in it and drinking my very own special batch of “Woeeeee is me Koolaid” LOL! I can laugh now but laughing is NOT what I was doing. I was murmuring, pouting and as my husband would say “Showing all the way out”! Yes smiling Lady V was wrinkled on another level!

 I just couldn’t get my mind wrapped around what the heck was going on in Lady V’s world. Somewhere I missed a turn and I was desperately looking for the on ramp to get back on the “right” track.  The truth of it all was that this relocation, next career shift, new church family didn’t mean “trial free and zero discomfort”. That’s the ramp I missed paying attention to…..Caution! Construction Zone ahead! This zone is bumpy, confined and restricted in speed limits! Who else hates construction zones besides me? Yet I am always excited when the construction is complete and that nice new, smooth road with the 75 mph speed limit is open!

 Here are my takeaways to handle the Unknown, Unexpected and Disappointments of life:

  1. Make no sudden moves! This is not the time to “spring” into action. Collect your thoughts and recognize when your emotions have taken over the ship.
  2. Keep some people close who love you enough to tell you the truth about how you are handling the unexpected. One of my brothers sent me a text and it has kept me laughing all week. His text said: We would have gotten here faster, but your lips were dragging on the highway. I hope the swelling has gone down. OMG! I was laughing and texting him I can’t stand him at the same time! Laughter Heals! This snapped me out of my poor attitude after evacuating to Dallas.
  3. Express gratitude for each and every blessing and trial.
  4. Serve where you are planted. You may not reach millions, it may be a few. That’s okay because every single person counts.
  5. Eliminate the time clock and calendar! It’s not your friend in these times and will make you worried and anxious! The tide will turn when it turns. Nothing more, nothing less.

 Be blessed,

 Lady V, Vaughnchette Rudisill

8 thoughts on “How to Handle the Unknown, Unexpected and Disappointments of Life”

  1. As always, great words of wisdom. I am learning that disappointments in life are opportunities for growth, no matter how I feel about it while I’m experiencing them.

    I have found that lingering in my disappointments prolongs my
    progression through the storm.

    Chris Roebuck

  2. If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going – Winston Churchill

    I’m so proud of you. You are doing exactly as Churchill advised!

  3. Got it. LIFE!!!! I have learned that time is not my friend but I have also learned that PATIENCE is definitely the key to EVERYTHING. My new motto “Just relax it gets better.”

  4. “Weeping may endureth for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”. It’s easy to cry , pout, throw tantrums, when we are going through. We even pray more when we are being tested. This year I have asked myself this, ” How is your worship?” It’s been said that praise& worship motivates the Lord . Let’s praise him anyway. I love you and praying for you and your family.

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