10 Quick Relationship Boosters for Maximum Impact

In such an instant society, it is easy to forget that it takes time to build real relationships. Sending a brief connect via an inbox or messenger app does not constitute a relationship nor does it guarantee that person or organization will do business with you.  These simple reminders will help us all to remember to slow it down and do the work.

1) Maintain some type of contact with some level of frequency.

2) Show care and concern as to what is happening in that person’s world.         #Ask #Listen #Empathize
3) Whatever is shared please both respect and keep their confidence. #BeAVault
4) If they don’t ask for advice….don’t volunteer it. #Veryfewlikeit
5) Build the connection and naturally that famous “What do you do” will come up. #BeReady
6) Take the time it takes to build which may not be a quick process. #ConsistencyIsKey
7) Recognize that someone is selling something daily. #Choose to be different
8) Be a person of integrity in all that concerns you and not just the item you’re excited about at the time
9) Realize this is a small world and everyone talks it’s just a matter of who is listening
10) If something goes wrong , truly apologize …and move on

Do the Work It Takes to Be Great #LadyVspeaks

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