“How to Evaluate Happily Ever BEFORE with an Eagle Eye”

We often do “Happily Ever Before” Yep I know you think it’s after but all the junk we start, stop and encounter is before we have thought about after “For Real”. You see in the “before” their cute, you are inseparable, there is this erotic love, there is imaginary commitment and so on. Yet how often do we pause to evaluate how Things will look after… The after is where the reality of your decision hits home. After you realize that they are really only after money and material gains that they expect you to provide, after you have overlooked that explosive temper as cute and now it explodes on you into abuse, after you realize that the club gear exposing any and all is really the norm and now you want a lady, after you realize that he travels all the time which means there is little to no time for you except a snippet here and there, after you realize all that mouth and fire she has with any and all will never submit to get the home on one accord, after those fiery love sessions are truly all you have in common. After you marry that person and realize the previous mate had a reason for how they were, after you overlooked that the person wasn’t neat and now you want Merry Maids on contract. You see all that happens BEFORE affects the AFTER. Slow down and truly observe with eagle vision before, if you can discipline yourself you will see what you are working with and make a better decision for your future. Everyone will grow and evolve, just be sure you can withstand the journey for the long haul.

Treat your Heart Well!


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