Lady “V” Testimonials

Francina Harrison reviewed Epiphany Consulting LLC 

Honored to provide a powerful review of Epiphany Consulting LLC and it’s CEO Lady V. Exceptional speaker, moderator and subject matter expert in the field of human resources staffing, HR compliance in business and more. She delivers as well with powerful inspiration and motivation for faith based, women/ men conferences or events that need REAL motivation in REAL times. She’s a keeper….connect with her today…for REAL!

Torin Ellis

Human Capital Strategist | Diversity Ambassador | SiriusXM contributor w/Karen Hunter Show
Here’s what I like:
We have at our disposal an arsenal of tools to help us approach the art of recruiting each day. What Vaughnchette did, was help me to realize the power of one specific tool and how such might aid me in doing business.
That’s not the reason for writing. I’m drafting this note, because she has been more than a business consultant over time. That initial meeting at a summer conference has morphed into a sincere friendship.
Vaughnchette has showed time and again, that she is an advocate of taking action, not without challenge, willing to work hard for what she wants, helpful to others in their wants, and a tireless motivator.
She is a true heavy hitter that embodies the ingredients of “let’s get it done.” Which by the way, changes often from project to project. The example of who you want on your team – personal and professional. A true winner!

Tricia Maddrey Baker

Executive Director at Pitt County Medical Society – Visionary – Always Moving Forward
When I took on the task of updating the thirty-year-old employee handbook at Pitt County Medical Society, I knew that the document was far out of compliance with current employment law. Vaughnchette accepted the task to help, and was able to bring the handbook and policy current with both legal requirements and the options that our association needed. She gave all we needed, and was the best value for our organization.
I highly recommend Vaughnchette’s services for accuracy, speed, and knowledge. You can count on her abilities to meet and exceed expectations. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.
Tricia Maddrey Baker
Executive Director, Pitt County Medical Society

Francina Harrison, MSW, The Career Engineer
Don’t Get Anxious – Get Prepared! | Career, Life & Biz ReEngineering | Radio/TV Host | TCE Events, Buzz & Promotion |

I am honored to share my recommendation for Vaughnchette in professional speaking, human resources and life empowerment space. If you are looking for a speaker to WOW your audience with incredible human capital/motivational intelligence, ON DEMAND data..and sprinkled with “REAL life” humor; hire Vaughnchette today. She is a 3 year returning speaker for my national TCE Career & Business Summit …and delivers EXTREME content that changes lives. Vaughnchette is someone I favorably introduce to businesses who are in the market for human capital consultanting to ensure their talent recruitment/ retention platforms are positioned for success. Over 10+ years in staffing, recruiting and management, Vaughnchette gets the job done RIGHT…the first time. More than that, Vaughnchette delivers a “higher level” of trust, integrity, authenticity… which is so RARE in business today. So what’s my recommendation? Hire, retain, consult and/or contract with “Vaughnchette” today…and watch your vision or business…grow! 150% TCE Vetted and Approved!